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"A Missing Link In History: The Journey of African Americans in Golf"

African American golf book chronicling a cultural history of golf and American history

Title:  "A Missing Link In History: The Journey of African Americans in Golf"

Author:  Ramona Harriet

Concluding Comments:  Jim Dent

ISBN-10: 1463622511

ISBN-13: 978-1463622510

Format:  Paperback: Binding: Perfect-bound
Size: 6" x .09 x 9 inches; Pages: 406 (Second Edition​)

Emerging from the Jim Crow Era into the new millennium, this one-of-a-kind book includes a wealth of historical information found over a 120-year span beginning in the 1800s. Revel in the triumphs of African Americans who left a legacy to the game of golf and American history. Unique features include an extensive timeline, reference guide, and directory of golf facilities, inventions, events, and more. Factual, entertaining, and educational, "A Missing Link In History" will take you through an unbelievable journey of pride, prejudice, and perseverance!

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"African American Golf History Brain-Aerobics"


Title: "African American Golf History Brain-Aerobics"

Author: Ramona Harriet

ISBN-10: 1463622392

ISBN-13: 978-1463622398

Format: Paperback

Binding: Perfect-bound

Size: 8.5" x 0.4 x 11 inches

Pages: 154 ​(Second Edition​)

From crosswords and cryptograms to debates and decoders, "Brain-Aerobics" is an interactive golf activity book for children and adults. Designed for individual or group settings, this unique motivational tool includes a variety of golf word puzzles and even the game FORE!, an African American Golf History bingo game.  With three books-in-one . . . there is something for everyone. "African American Golf History Brain-Aerobics" is a fun way to learn about the many contributions African Americans made to the game of golf.

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"A Missing Link In History: The Journey of African Americans in Golf"

Incredible work in chronicling the significant evolutionary history of African Americans in golf.  These powerful words tell the story of our unsung heroes.

A wonderful celebration of a significant point in American history.

This ground-breaking work gives names, dates, events at the dawn of the American golf craze (early 20th century)... "A Missing Link In History" is obviously a labor of love for the author.

"A Missing Link In History is the most comprehensive book I have read on Black golf history.  Awesome work!"

"African American Golf History Brain-Aerobics"

We used Brain-Aerobics for family night.  It was perfect.  Had something for my 6 year old, teenager, and my husband and me.  We had so much fun!

Loved the debate part and tongue twisters.

"Fun book of puzzles.  My students loved playing the FORE! Bingo game." 

What a different way to learn about an unusual history. Fantastic! 

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About the Author


Ramona Harriet

As an entrepreneur, research historian, author, and former educator, Ramona Harriet develops and implements African American golf history educational learning programs through several media.  Ramona is dedicated to preserving the legacy and building awareness of African Americans in golf. 


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