First Multimedia African American Golf Traveling Exhibition

Epochs of Courage: African Americans in Golf

Founded in 1999 by Ramona Harriet,  this one of a kind interactive African American golf exhibition illustrates the impact and contributions that African Americans have made and continue to make to the game of golf. Epochs of Courage features historical photographs, memorabilia, publications, and documents beginning in the 1800. This sports exhibition is periodically updated to reflect on-going developments. Epochs of Courage is a program of GGC - Great Golfers of Color.

Epochs of Courage Award recipient

Tiger Woods - 2001

Epochs of Courage Honorees
Mary Burton, known as the "Golfing Granny of the UGA"

Ann Gregory, first African American female to compete in a USGA U.S. Women's Amateur Championship 
George Simkins, leader in the desegregation of golf courses in  
Greensboro, North Carolina

Robert "Hardrock" Robinson, renowned Pinehurst Country Club caddie

Above photo: Barbara Whiting-Wright, Exhibition coordinator. Exhibit showing at North Carolina State A&T University  H.C. Taylor Art Gallery, 2001. 


Epochs of Courage Traveling Exhibition

Don't know much about golf nor the Black experience history in golf.  That all changed viewing this exhibit.

 "Awesome exhibit.  Did not know African Americans were involved in golf in the 1800s.  Loved the video." 

I am truly glad my husband and I chose to visit the exhibition.  We heard information that we were not aware of.

Awesome time!  Would have liked to have seen more about Tiger.  I learned things today that I never knew.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the interactive segment about - how some of the old caddies and golfers learned how to play golf with improvised equipment and horrible playing conditions. Kids can learn something from this and I think would enjoy the hands-on interaction.

This exhibition further enlightened me with knowledge of the many contributions African Americans contributed in the past, and from this it has afforded me the opportunity to excel in life.  I thank these forerunners sincerely.

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Selected Previous Epochs of Courage Traveling Exhibition Showings

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Las Vegas Urban Chamber of Commerce Conference

MGM Grand Conference Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History

Augusta, Georgia

National Basketball Retired Players Association (also known as Legends of Basketball) “Legends World Sports Summit”

Atlanta, Georgia

National Minority Golf Foundation Annual Meeting

Hutchinson Island, Florida

North Carolina A&T State University

Greensboro, North Carolina

One Judiciary Square (Office Building of the Mayor)  

Washington, DC

The Tiger Woods Foundation Workshop

Norfolk, Virginia

Whittier Middle School

Lorraine, Ohio


Media: Framed and mounted photographs and articles.  Historical text and labels. Publications. Memorabilia. Video presentation.  More than 125 display items. Interactive.

Space Requirements: For wall hangings, recommended minimum wall space is 100 linear feet.  Dimensions may vary depending on booking request, i.e., full or partial exhibit.

Security and Liability: 24-hour security. Receiver is responsible for liability of all items during round-trip shipment and full term of agreement.

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