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1. Who are the persons (right and center) in the above photo?

2. In what year did the person (right) in the photo receive full PGA member status?

3. What national golf title did the person (center) in the photo earn in July 1959?

4. How many times did the person  (center) in the photo play in the Masters Tournament? How many times did the person (right) in the photo play in the Masters Tournament?


5. Who was the second African American to play in the Masters Tournament?  In what year did it occur?


6. Who won the 2014 Volvik RACV Ladies European Masters?

7. What year did Lee Elder receive his PGA Tour card?

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The person (left) in the photo is Robert Clark, PGA.  He is assistant golf coach at Alabama State University.  Clark was the first African American PGA Professional in the state of Oregon.  He remarkably completed the PGA program in 20 months, receiving his PGA Class A Member status in November 1995.  Clark has received numerous awards including Oregon Chapter PGA Junior Golf Leader Award (2000-2003) and Pacific Northwest Section 2005 Junior Leader of the Year Award.  

Photo courtesy: Robert Clark 

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In 1934, a Caucasian-only clause - limiting membership to professional golfers of the Caucasian race -  was added to The PGA of America Bylaws.

Section 1 of Article III - Members. . .  "Male professional golfers of the Caucasian race, over the age of eighteen years (18), residing in North or South America, who can qualify under the terms and conditions hereinafter specified, shall be eligible for membership or "H" Apprentice status."

The Caucasian-only clause of The PGA of America Bylaws was challenged in 1960 by then California Attorney General Stanley Mosk.  He confronted the PGA about what he considered "illegal to bar a competitor because of his race".

Richard I. Thomas of Baltimore, Maryland was granted Approved Tournament Player (ATP) status on June 19, 1961 by The PGA of America; thus, Thomas became the second African American granted ATP status.

In November 1961, The PGA of America passed a resolution to remove the Caucasian-only clause from its bylaws.

In 1962, The PGA of America removed from its bylaws- Section 1, of Article III, also known as the Caucasian-only clause.

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Do You Know . . .

8. Who was the first African American to receive ATP status from The PGA of America?

9. In what year was this ATP status granted?

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Trivia Answers

1. (right) Charlie Sifford; (center) William "Bill" Wright.

2. 1964

3. USGA U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship; thus, he becomes the first African American to capture a national golf title.  This was the USGA's 34th U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship.

4. Zero; zero


5. Calvin Peete; 1980 

6. Cheyenne Woods

7. 1967

8. Charlie Sifford

9. 1960