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African American Golf History Trivia

Do You Know . . .

1. Who are the persons (left to right) in the above photo?  How many times, through 2018, has the person on the left caddied in a Masters Tournament? Who caddied for the person on the right when he played in the 1995 Masters Tournament?

2. Who caddied for Arnold Palmer in his four Masters Tournaments wins?


3. Who was Hal Sutton's caddie for more than 20 years; and who was Gary Player's caddie for more than 15 years? 


4. Who caddied for Jack Nicklaus at 23 Masters Tournaments, which included five Masters wins?


5. Who caddied for Ben Hogan's two Masters Tournament wins in 1951 and 1953?

6. Who retired, in 2000,  from Augusta National Golf Club after serving as caddie master for 40 years?

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Did You Know . . .

In the Year of 1954 in African American Golf History

The City of Nashville, Tennessee opened Cumberland Golf Course, a nine-hole course, exclusively for blacks.

The City of Nashville, Tennessee granted African Americans two designated days of the week to play Shelby Park Golf Course, one of three city golf courses.

The City of Houston, Texas granted African Americans unrestricted access to municipal golf courses. 

Trivia Answers

1. Carl Jackson (caddy) and Tiger Woods (professional golfer).

Retired caddy Carl Jackson caddied in 53 Masters Tournaments (1961-1999 and 2001-2014). Included in that 53 were 38 Masters Tournaments and two wins (1984 and 1995) with professional golfer Ben Crenshaw.  

Tommy Bennett caddied for Tiger Woods at the 1995 Masters Tournament.  This was Woods' first Masters Tournament appearance. He played as an amateur.

2. Nathaniel "Ironman" Avery (1958, 1960, 1962, 1964)

3. Freddie Burns (Hal Sutton's caddie), Alfred Dyer (Gary Player's caddie)


4. Willie "Pete" Peterson; 1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975   

5. Willie "Pappy" Stokes

6. Freddie Bennett